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Confused about what green means? Find out how your personal choices can affect the world we live in. Whether you're dining or driving, we'll show you how to be more eco-friendly.


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How to Get Paid to Recycle

You want to get paid to recycle, but you're not sure how to do it. Learn about how to get paid to recycle in this article.

How to Find the Biggest Energy Wasters in Your Home

You want to find the biggest energy wasters in your home, but you’re not sure how to do it. Learn about how to find the biggest energy wasters in your home in this article.

How to Make Distilled Water

You'd like to learn how to make distilled water to put in your steam iron. Learn how to make distilled water from this article.

How to Lower Your Electric Bill in Summer

You want to lower your electric bill in summer, but you're not sure how to do it. Learn about how to lower your electric bill in summer in this article.

Can I use glass cleaner on my laptop and electronics?

Glass cleaner is used on everything from windows to the kitchen table to the bathroom mirror. But is it safe for your laptop or other electronics? Will it scratch the screen or simply give it an amazing sheen?

5 Quick Fixes for Commonly Jammed Items

Do you have zippers that won't zip? How about drawers that are stuck shut? Check out our list of 5 easy solutions to the most common household jams, and you'll be free again in no time.

5 DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

You can spend hundreds on plastic pumpkins, foam-core tombstones and inflatable spiders to make your house look like a haunted Halloween mansion. Or, you can make a crafting project out of it. What are some simple tips for a DIY Halloween?

How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet

If you last contemplated kitchen faucets in 1978 -- or, for that matter, 1998 -- you've probably realized that it's a whole new world out there. Check out our handy guide to shopping for a new kitchen faucet -- from spray hoses to built-in water filters.

Top 5 Ways to Conserve Water at Home

You probably can't imagine living without clean water, but that's the reality for 1 in 8 people across the globe. Here are five simple ways you can conserve water to help the planet -- and your cash flow.

What to Do After You've Been Robbed

When a criminal takes your money, jewelry or electronics, he also snatches your peace of mind. Here's how to recover what's yours and reclaim a normal life.

6 Essential Painting Tips

Painting 101 will teach you the basics of this craft. Use painting 101 tips to create your own special artwork for the home.

How to Create a Vignette

Add drama to a drab corner or coffee table with a tried-and-true decorating secret -- vignettes. Assemble your favorite objet d'art and a few flea market finds, and voilà, you've just scored high-design dividends without laying out a lot of cash.

5 Tips for a Cutting-edge Green Bathroom

Renovating or remodeling your bathroom into an eco-friendly space will save you money, water and the environment.

10 Tips for a Cutting-edge Green Home

From installing solar panels to implementing natural light as much as possible, check out the most cutting-edge green home design elements in this article.

What is Ecodesign?

The goal of ecodesign is sustainability, which simply means that these products don't pose a significant threat to the environment.

10 Hottest Green Design Materials

10 of the biggest trends in interior home design also happen to be 10 eco-friendly! Don't think shabby, think chic.

Will I save money by going green?

Although making eco-friendly choices might cost you more to start, you'll save on cash and help the environment and yourself in the long run.

How to Declutter Your House

A cluttered house can leave your life disorganized and stressful. Knowing what to keep, what to put away and what to throw out can make your home harmonious and family members far more agreeable.

Top 5 Furniture Restoration Jobs You Should Leave to a Professional

Visit your local library or bookstore, and you'll find loads of how-to books on furniture restoration. But don't let the seemingly simple directions and nifty illustrations fool you -- some projects are better left to experienced professionals.

Green Living Pictures

Do you want to learn simple ways to help preserve our planet? Discover some small steps we can take every day that can help save our planet. Check out these Green Living pictures to learn how.

What are solar shingles?

You've probably come across solar panels before, but what about solar shingles? It's the same idea as the solar panel, but in a much smaller scale. And they'll probably save you more money in the long run.

Will greening my home increase my property value?

While the term "green building" may bring to mind such extreme tactics as harnessing wind power or lining our roofs with solar panels, it's actually much simpler than that. And it can save you a ton of money.

How much money can I save by switching to halogen light bulbs?

With all of the choices available to us when it comes to lighting, it's easy to get confused over which option to choose. Fortunately, lighting manufacturers have paid attention to the green movement, too.

What can I recycle to use as wallpaper?

Yes, Virginia, there is a way to be eco-friendly and decorate with flair. These recycled wallpapers started as phone books and diapers, but they're ready for your walls now!

Tea Light Candle Tray

This tea light candle tray lighting project adds a unique element to your home's decor. Learn to make a tea light candle tray at HowStuffWorks.