DIY Projects

You've got this! Basic DIY takes you step-by-step through projects you can do on your own in almost no time at all. No engineering degree required.

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Veneer is a thin layer of wood glued to wooden furniture. Veneer is very prone to blistering, cracking, or falling off. Learn how to fix damaged veneer and replace broken or missing sections of veneer.

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Drywall, like all building materials, has its own characteristics and problems. As the wood studs age and shrink, nails and screws loosen and pop out of the wood. Learn how to fix popped drywall nails.

By Walter Curtis

A well-designed pantry can hold much more than food, including dishes and cookware. But designing an efficient kitchen pantry space can be a challenge. Corner shelves and rolling baskets are a start, but learn what else to use.

By Debra K. Melchior


Stripping off the old wall covering is usually wiser than leaving it on. New coverings adhere better to stripped-down surfaces. There are several ways to approach the job. Learn how to remove wallpaper.

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What is this bumpy stuff on my ceiling that looks like popcorn or cottage cheese?

Staining wooden furniture isn't just a matter of stripping off one finish and applying another. The finish is only as good as the preparation for it. Learn how to stain wooden furniture.

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Repairing wooden furniture is a process that can take many forms. There are numerous types of wooden furniture, so the types of repairs are similarly varied. Learn how to repair wooden furniture.

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Is Grandma's hand-me-down hutch looking a little worse for wear? Instead of tossing out those favorite furniture pieces, why not take on a refinishing project? Find dozens of tips in this article.

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