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  • 5 Dirtiest Spots in Your House

    5 Dirtiest Spots in Your House

    There's a lot of hidden dirt in your home, but it's not that hard to clean, if you know where to look.

  • How Bug Spray Works

    How Bug Spray Works

    Our world is full of insects, and our first response to seeing one is usually to reach for a can of spray to zap it. Is this good idea? What's in your typical can of bug spray? And, could it harm you, too?

  • Are poinsettias poisonous?

    Are poinsettias poisonous?

    How many poinsettias have languished on high shelves so children and pets can't munch on their dangerous leaves? It may all have been for naught. The poinsettia's poisonous rep is a bit unfair.

  • Home and Garden Puzzles

    Home and Garden Puzzles: Succulents

    Looking for your next DIY home and garden project? Try these home and garden puzzles to find some fun and inspiration.

  • 5 Dirtiest Spots in Your House
  • How Bug Spray Works
  • Are poinsettias poisonous?
  • Home and Garden Puzzles
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