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  • 5 Advantages of a Townhouse

    5 Advantages of a Townhouse

    If owning a little piece of planet Earth is on your bucket list, then buying a townhouse will let you live that dream. But don't confuse a townhouse with a condo — they're not the same.

  • Low-flow vs. Dual-flush Toilets

    What's the deal with low-flow and dual-flush toilets?

    Low-flow toilets — including dual-flush models — are now the only kinds of toilet you can buy in the United States. How much water and money do they save you, anyway?

  • Disinfecting Without Bleach

    How to Disinfect Your Bathroom Without Bleach

    Is chlorine bleach your go-to bathroom cleaner? Well it doesn't have to be. We'll tell you what other disinfectants you can use to achieve the same results.

  • 5 Tips for Cleaning Up Pet Hair

    5 Tips for Cleaning Up Pet Hair

    Pet hair can take over your whole house in a matter of days, so it's imperative to stay on top of it. We've got five tips to help you clean the hair and avoid the mess.

  • 5 Advantages of a Townhouse
  • Low-flow vs. Dual-flush Toilets
  • Disinfecting Without Bleach
  • 5 Tips for Cleaning Up Pet Hair
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