Gardening is a useful and relaxing pastime. Read gardening tips and learn how to plan and care for a variety of gardens.

Annual gardens can brighten your exterior with beautiful flowers. Learn how to plan and plant annual gardens.

Garden design should be one of your first considerations in planning a garden since it lends style and cohesion to a collection of plants. Find out what goes into designing a garden with these articles.

Blooming bulb gardens are a harbinger of spring. Learn how to create beautiful bulb gardens of your own.

Whether you're a novice to the plant world or have a seasoned green thumb, these garden tips will help you hone your skills. Try out the tips and tricks in these articles.

Garden trends are a great place to start when deciding on the design or plant varieties to use in your garden. Learn about the most popular garden trends with these articles.

Herb and vegetable gardens are a great addition to your yard and kitchen. Learn all you need to know about planting herb and vegetable gardens.

House plants bring the fresh beauty of the outdoors inside your home. Learn about different kinds of house plants and how to care for them.

Not everyone has acres of land or time to work with. Small gardens are perfect for the newbie as well as those with little space. From keeping your houseplants alive while on vacation to growing low-light plants, learn all about small gardens.

Perennial gardens can produce lovely results year after year. Learn how to plan for, plant and care for perennial gardens.

Specialty gardens can be rock gardens, water gardens, container gardens or much more. Learn how to plan exciting or useful specialty gardens.