House plants bring the fresh beauty of the outdoors inside your home. Learn about different kinds of house plants and how to care for them.

Snake Plant

Snake plant grows over one and one-half foot high. Its leaves come in green- and yellow-striped varieties. Given preferential light, it will bloom nicely scented flowers. Learn why snake plant is easy to grow.

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  • How can succulents go days without water?

    How can succulents go days without water?

    From wriggling amoebas to roving rhinos, delicate dandelions to majestic redwoods, everything that lives on Earth needs one superstar element to survive: water. But succulents need a little less water than some of their thirstier counterparts. See more »

  • Aechmea


    These bromeliads get their name from the Greek work for "spear tip." These plants grow leaves in a tight, stemless, overlapping rosette that forms a vase which can hold more than a gallon of water. Read more about these clever plants in this article. See more »

  • Aeonium


    The aeonium is a type of flowering cactus found in the Canary Islands and the Mediterranean region of North Africa. Aeoniums typically look like hens or chickens on top of a thick stalk. Flowers tend to be yellow in color. Learn how to care for this cactus. See more »

  • African Violet

    African Violet

    African violet grows furry leaves and flowers in several colors except red. They can be tricky, preferring strong light but not hot temperatures. Learn more about how to maintain flowering. See more »

  • Agave


    The agave is a type of flowering cactus used for producing tequila and rope. The plant is similar in looks to the African Aloe plant. The main difference between the two plants is the way in which they flower. Learn how to care for this cactus at HowStuffWorks. See more »

  • Air Plant

    Air Plant

    Air plant completely changes color when in bloom. Most of its varieties sprout silver or green leaves. Because it doesn't have many roots, submerge it when watering. Learn more about unique display options. See more »

  • Alluaudia procera

    Alluaudia procera

    The alluaudia procera cactus from southwest Madagascar can grow quite tall and is covered in sharp thorns. It has been known to reach a height if six feet when grown indoors, and a height of thirty-six feet in the wild. Learn how to care for this cactus. See more »

  • Aloe Medicine Plant

    Aloe Medicine Plant

    The sap of the aloe medicine plant offers a soothing remedy for sunburns and other skin irritations. Learn more about growing and using this handy house plant in this article. See more »

  • Aluminum Plant

    Aluminum Plant

    Aluminum plant, a quick grower, comes in creeping and upright varieties. Though the flowers are unremarkable, the leaves range from green to a dark brownish gold. Try restarting it from stem cuttings for best results. See more »

  • Amaryllis


    The amaryllis is an easy house plant that produces beautiful, showy flowers in winter. Learn how to care for the amaryllis at HowStuffWorks. See more »

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