Garden Tips

Whether you're a novice to the plant world or have a seasoned green thumb, these garden tips will help you hone your skills. Try out the tips and tricks in these articles.

Many of us love a break from the cold weather, even if temporarily, but should we be worried about early blooms and the environment?

Even if you've never gardened before, it's easy to add some plants to your yard in five easy steps.

Why do some people love flowers so much? It could be their delicate beauty or bright colors, but more than a few will cite the way they smell. There's a reason why Shakespeare felt compelled to contemplate the sweet scent of the rose, after all. Here are 10 of the most fragrant flowers around.

Ah, spring. The weather is getting warmer, the leaves are turning green and the days are getting longer. Unfortunately, your garden needs a bit of tending before it's ready for its springtime debut.

HowStuffWorks answers your gardening questions. From planting to maintenance, you can create a gorgeous landscape. You don't have to have a PhD in agriculture, but you should be aware of what will guarantee you success. Find out how to cultivate your land.

Gardening can bring you satisfaction, especially when your flowers and vegetables grow and flourish. Properly caring for your garden will mean more flowers and a better harvest. Find tips for every aspect of gardening.

Keeping your garden looking great depends on having the right tools, developing a good technique, and being organized enough to do the right things at the right time. Find garden care tips in this article.

The real success of organic gardens lies in the methods used to keep plants growing vigorously, without a heavy reliance on sprays. Organic gardening cuts right to the heart of the matter: soil.

Garden propagation methods include starting your own plants from seeds, cuttings, divisions, and layering. While many of these techniques save money and expand options, propagation does require a certain amount of attention.

Soil is a complex blend of animal, vegetable, and mineral material. Healthy soil is one of the keys to a thriving garden. Find helpful garden soil tips in this article.

You're not finished with your garden once seeds are in the ground. Regular garden care is essential to healthy, flourishing plants. Learn how to maintain your garden in this article.

Growing healthy plants is the first step toward a great garden. To achieve this, it's important to prevent diseases by paying careful attention to plant selection and plant care. Learn more.