Home DIY

Whether you're fixing a broken pipe or installing new cabinets, home DIY is an important aspect of living in a house. Check out these home DIY articles.

You'd like to build a mantel shelf above your fireplace. Learn how to build a mantel shelf from this article.

Drywall screws pop out due to shrinking and warping of the wood behind them. Learn why drywall screws pop out from this article.

Natural products such as vinegar can be used to safely separate substances that are stuck together by breaking their adhesive bonds. Learn more about how vinegar removes adhesives from plastic.

A coping saw has a narrow blade and fine teeth, perfect for cutting tight curves and making turn-backs for window aprons. Find out what kind of coping saw cuts you should make for window aprons from this article.

You need to choose sandpaper grit size according to the material you're preparing to prime. Learn more about what sandpaper grit you should use before priming from this article.

What's the best way to apply vapor barrier in an inside wall on a house with cement brick exterior walls?

Crosscut saws are manual saws used to fell trees and cut lumber. Learn what you can use for a crosscut saw blade guard in this article.

You just finished painting your house and now want to remove all the paint that splattered on the windows. This article will give you some suggestions about how to remove paint from glass.

If the scratch in your glass isn't too deep, you may be able to remove it by buffing and polishing the glass. Learn about how to remove scratches from glass in this article.

Lately you have been noticing water on the floor around the toilet, and suspect the toilet flange may need replacing. Learn how to replace a toilet flange from this article.

You've noticed that the sidewalk in front of your house has gaps between the slabs of concrete, and you'd like to replace the concrete expansion joints that were once there. Learn how to replace concrete expansion joints in this article.

Reupholstering a couch involves removing the old fabric, cutting and attaching new fabric, and making cushion covers. Learn how to reupholster a couch in this article.

You want to keep bats out of your house, but don't know how to do it. Learn about how to keep bats out of your house in this article.

Make sure that your decks and piers stand tall and last the winter by learning how to pour concrete footings. Learn about how to pour concrete footings in this article.

When you know how to prevent acid rain pollution you know how to do your part for the environment. Learn about how to prevent acid rain pollution in this article.

You want to put up a ceiling fan, but you're not sure how to do it. Learn about how to put up a ceiling fan in this article.

If you're tired of your home being plagued by rodents, it's time to discover how to keep your house rodent free. This article shows you how to keep your house rodent free.

Your garbage disposal is clogged, and you'd like to fix it. Learn about how to unclog a garbage disposal in this article.

Your toilet is clogged, and you can't find a plunger. Learn about how to unclog a toilet without a plunger from this article.

When repainting your home, you may decide to texture your ceiling. Learn about how to texture you ceiling from this article.

You recently discovered a crack in some fiberglass, which you'd like to repair. Learn how to repair a crack in fiberglass in this article.

The French doors from your living room to the patio are very difficult to open, and you'd like to repair them yourself. Learn about how to repair exterior French doors in this article.

If your old bathtub has seen better days but you're hesitating to replace it because of the high costs of installation, why not learn how to install a bathtub yourself? Read this article to learn how to install a bathtub.

If your sliding glass door is too difficult to open or it's just very noisy, the rollers probably need fixing. Learn about how to repair sliding glass door rollers in this article.

The electricity in your house keeps going off, and you think you may have to replace a circuit breaker. Learn how to replace a circuit breaker in this article.