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Home Repairs

Any household requires general home repair. Learn how to fix leaky roofs and sticky doors and use general home repair tips to knock items off your to-do list.

How to Install a Suspended Ceiling

A suspended ceiling can cover a lot of flaws and obstructions, including pipes, wiring, and ductwork. It works, however, only where you can afford to lose some ceiling height. Here are extensive installation instructions.

10 Home Repairs That Can Seriously Break the Bank

Most expensive home repairs come from items we don't pay attention to every day – like the roof or foundation. And yet, routine maintenance is often very cheap. Which items should you focus on most to avoid costly replacements and repairs later?

Repair your Christmas lights can help you green you holiday. Read this article to learn more.

How to Repaint Stained Walls

Stains can be tricky to paint over, but it can be done. You'll need to do the proper prep and pick the right paint to get a professional look.

You'd like to build a mantel shelf above your fireplace. Learn how to build a mantel shelf from this article.

Natural products such as vinegar can be used to safely separate substances that are stuck together by breaking their adhesive bonds. Learn more about how vinegar removes adhesives from plastic.

A coping saw has a narrow blade and fine teeth, perfect for cutting tight curves and making turn-backs for window aprons. Find out what kind of coping saw cuts you should make for window aprons from this article.

You need to choose sandpaper grit size according to the material you're preparing to prime. Learn more about what sandpaper grit you should use before priming from this article.

What's the best way to apply vapor barrier in an inside wall on a house with cement brick exterior walls?

Crosscut saws are manual saws used to fell trees and cut lumber. Learn what you can use for a crosscut saw blade guard in this article.

You just finished painting your house and now want to remove all the paint that splattered on the windows. This article will give you some suggestions about how to remove paint from glass.