Home DIY

Whether you're fixing a broken pipe or installing new cabinets, home DIY is an important aspect of living in a house. Check out these home DIY articles.

You've got this! Basic DIY takes you step-by-step through projects you can do on your own in almost no time at all. No engineering degree required.

Any household requires general home repair. Learn how to fix leaky roofs and sticky doors and use general home repair tips to knock items off your to-do list.

Working on a home DIY project is a great way to save money and have fun. Whether you're painting the nursery or using the chainsaw in your garage, home DIY safety is an important aspect of keeping yourself and your family safe at home.

Drywall and plaster make up almost every room. Learn how to install, maintain and repair drywall, plaster and paneling.

With flooring, it is important to consider looks and functionality. Learn about flooring design at HowStuffWorks.

The patio and porch are great places to relax after a long day. Learn how to create and outfit a patio or porch.

DIY furniture restoration projects help breathe new life into worn down furniture pieces. With these tips and a little inspiration, you can revive -- instead of replace -- old furniture.

Learning about plumbing can save you a midnight call to the plumber. Find out basic plumbing tips to fix a toilet, sink or drain.

More than any other room, a kitchen design requires special attention to the functionality of the room. From flooring to lighting, every element of a kitchen's design should be carefully chosen. Get the lowdown on kitchen design with these articles.

Household safety should be given as much attention as any home improvement or decorating scheme. Learn about general household safety and home security.

Lighting is arguably one of the most important elements of home design. Not only does it serve a key functional purpose in illuminating the space, but it also highlights the room's best assets. Learn about lighting design options with these articles.

Whether you are conducting a small home improvement project or a major home repair, it is important to understand how to build and repair certain things in your home. Sure, some projects should be left to the professionals, but you might surprised at what

Heating and cooling ultimately determines the comfort of a home. Learn how to troubleshoot heating and cooling and how to fix and maintain HVAC systems.

Painting doesn't have to be done by a professional. Do it yourself with this guide to painting at HowStuffWorks.

Wallcovering isn't just about wallpaper. Learn about the latest and timeless trends in wallcovering at HowStuffWorks.

Window treatments are an essential part of home design. They can either pull a design style together or throw it completely off. Visit HowStuffWorks to find out more about window treatments.