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Outdoor Living

Outdoor living includes swimming pools, solar yard lights, bug zappers and more. Learn all about outdoor living and how to enjoy your backyard.

Backyard Renovation: Barbeque and Spa Area

Creating a barbecue and spa area is a great way to renovate your backyard. Learn about creating a barbecue and spa area in your backyard at HowStuffWorks.

From Garden to Table: Recipes from Your Backyard

Get your plants out of the garden and onto your table with these simple recipes that make the most of fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

English vs. French vs. Japanese: An International Garden Primer

When you’re planning your next garden, get inspired by these classic styles.

5 Tips for Planting a Fragrant Garden

Create a garden that’s a feast of the senses.

Quick Fixes to Make Your Garden Great

A wonderful garden is just a few steps away.

The Best Plants for Edible Gardens

Create a garden that is both beautiful and full of tasty treats.

How to Bug-Proof Your Home

Keep your home bug-free this summer in three simple steps.

5 Most Common Household Pests and How to Control Them

Household pests are not only a nuisance but can also cause damage to your home.

Signs You Have an Infestation

By the time you see these insects, they may have already made themselves – and their extended families – at home in your house.

How to Control Backyard Bugs

Keep bees, flies, and more away from your backyard outings with these simple ways of controlling pests.

5 Interesting Chicken Coop Plans

Take homesteading to the next level by building your own chicken coop using one of these unique plans.